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Honest Talk with Ms.Lara Bezerra on Increasing Importance of Bringing  CPO in each of the Coworkers.

Honest Talk with Ms.Lara Bezerra on Increasing Importance of Bringing CPO in each of the Coworkers.

Lara Bezerra's international career in the pharmaceutical industry spans 27 years, three continents, seven countries, in several positions, being in senior leadership positions of multinationals (General Manager and Managing Director) since 2003. Asia is the third continent she is working in. She has been successful as a female executive, having some pioneer positions as the 1st Female leader appointed as Executive President of the Bayer group in Latin America (Venezuela). She is Brazilian and has worked in American, German, and Swiss multinational Pharmaceutical companies. She has driven organizations and teams to success, financially, professionally, and personally. Lara believes results come through people, and she strives to build leaders in each of the members of her team. As a result of her transformational work based on Purpose in India, Lara was featured in different media. An article about her work in India was written by Michael Chavez, the CEO of Duke Corporate Education, in his monthly column about Purpose in the organizations in Forbes, where he mentions her as the 1st Chief Purpose Officer in an executive leadership position . Michael Chavez has also referred to Lara's work in his most recent book, "Rehumanizing Leadership, putting Purpose back into Business" as a business case on how to introduce Purpose to corporations. Until December 2019, Lara was the Chief Purpose Officer, MD of Roche Pharma, in India. Since then, she is preparing a professional change to leverage more her leadership skills and share her knowledge and experience with more leaders. She is married and has three children, and her family accompanies her in her ex-pat assignments. She has a degree in Business Administration from the Fundacao Getulio Vargas (FGV) University, Sao Paulo, Brazil, and several other courses in leadership and public policy taken during her international career. Follow us on Instagram - Follow us on Twitter- Like our Facebook Page -
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