During my leadership journey, I had several ideas which I tried to put in the form of workshops or small seminars to be shared with my teams.
I began to enjoy studying and observing behaviors, situations and creating exchanges that provided knowledge to the teams.

Over the time I realized that I had a passion for learning and passing on what I learned. I used to design and build the training programs for my team, as I considered it would be easier to share my thoughts with them.

I have received tons of comments saying that this should be my "hobby" after my retirement or my alternative job!  When I learn something, I think it would help teams or leaders, I love to share it.

I also think that the most impressive training is the one given by leaders themselves!

Here, I will share my previous trainings and build others that I believe will help any organization and / or leader.

I want to propose a new system:  Pay forward / Learn forward.  Select the training that you consider it can help your team, download it, learn it, impart it to your team (any help from us is optional). Then responsibly give us your feedback, along with the payment that you consider is the value of this training, based on how much it contributed to your team, as well as the impact it had on you as a leader.

This payment will be applied to the next person who requests training, which means that you will be paying the fees for the next incoming person.


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SELF ORGANIZATION - Introducing in your company

A simple tool to implement in any organization. It will test the team's ability and willingness to collaborate. Let the group start engaging in a higher purpose. A virtual volunteer team to serve the whole organization.  All tools are available and ready to implement!

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Take the first steps to explore your Purpose and learn how to evolve it as your life becomes.

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How to identify your emotions and consciously choose the ones that will help you achieve the desired impact on others, as well as in different situations. Lead your own life and help your team.

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Feedback is efficient only when it is a one direction communication. Learn how to use Dialogue (David Bohm's principle – Otto Scharmer) instead of input and enhance your team's creativity and collaboration.

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Learn how to use the power of conflicts by leveraging the teams' diversity and unleash the collaboration and common Purpose to unfold a sea of opportunities.