Lara Bezerra

Chief Purpose Officer

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Lara is a mother and wife, and as an executive she has held positions as President, General Director in different Multinationals in 7 countries and 3 continents for 27 years.

She was the first woman to assume the Executive Presidency of a Bayer Pharmaceutical subsidiary in Latin America, the first woman elected as President of Cavenal, the German Chamber of Commerce in Venezuela. She pioneered many jobs as a female leader, but what she is most proud of is have been the first senior executive leader to hold the title of Director of Purpose, because for her, helping to identify the purpose in people's lives, is her mission.

Lara has a very peculiar leadership style. She guided all the organizations she led, to obtain the highest figures in participation scores.  But she not only delivered more than just positive financial results; she was capable to transform organizations because she believed in people she worked with.

Her philosophy of life is:

1. To trust in human beings is more important than controlling them by results.

2. It is not necessary to motivate co-workers by setting “SMART” goals. Instead, they must be encouraged to find meaning, a purpose in their work so that they are intrinsically motivated.

3. The respect of a work team is earned when the members are aware that Lara believes in their exponential potential to grow and make the difference, and not just because she has all the answers. She is aware that she will never achieve success by managing alone, because she knows the difference that "a purposeful organization" can make in society.


4. Whether professionally and personally you can always help others, you can always be useful to other people regardless hierarchical positions, age, activities, race, etc.

Lara is currently living in Orlando-USA, with her husband and three children.


Her dream is to help develop more consistent leaders, who care about this beautiful planet and the people with whom they are related, those who help to build a world where their children may have a activity as part of their lives; a world where they don't have to worry about work-life balance, because they will be loving and feeling pride of what they will be doing.

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