We believe in human beings and their infinite potential to connect and build a better world when they are driven by the same Purpose.

We are a family of the world´s citizens, whose purpose is to live our lives intentionally and in coherence with our beliefs and values.


WorkCoherence project started right after Lara had to leave the company she loved and her dream job as a “Director of Purposes” (Managing Director) in India.


During 7 or 8 months, she and her family went through a deep reflection/experience of the IKIGAI. Her passion is to work with people, to contribute with Purpose and living an intentional life.


One of her strengths is the ability to transform her knowledge into some kind of teaching material that people "can learn" and, consequently, transform businesses by means of transforming people and thus, obtain great results through Collective Purpose.

What the world needs today are people who connect their Purpose with the work they choose and transform companies in a suitable environment, and through this transformation, a greater and positive impact on society can be achieved in a profitable way.

A new vocation was emerging for the whole family.

WorkCoherence is an expression of gratitude to each and every learning experience achieved gained from having worked with great teams and great organizations that made it possible for her and her family to live her Purpose.


The world is waking up to the fifth industrial revolution, a revolution of hearts. Never before has the world needed so many people to believe in humankind humanity and its potential, to live in harmony with nature, and to lead the future.


Now is the right time to give back, sharing the ideas that brought us here and we want to continue working on what is necessary, so we can help other transformative leaders to build more leaders and foster the right environment, so that more light reaches more corners of the world.

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