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New job, new life?

After being 17 years in a company, being shaped by its culture, principles, values and thoughts, leaving it is like living your family, your mother.

Not like leaving a marriage, which seems easier, but really leaving your mother…

Now after 6 months it is clear that change is something that is needed, no doubt that it is really noble to have time enough to retire in one company, this is how I was raised and how I still think, but undoubtedly the change was needed…

6 months now and so many doors have opened, so many stars have appeared, so many virtues unfolded, so many feelings lived – no doubt that I am a scorpio and would rather live intensely and full of feelings than just set up and enjoy the expected!

Day after day it is shown that the unexpected can be so so so much better than the expected, that the habit start to be to want change!

Each change of my life have been followed with a huge nice surprise!

My husband has been my first surprise, he has brought to my life, joy, transparency, trust, and change, day after day change, and what fits better my life style than change???

🙂 it was the first time that I was not afraid to arrive home with news that would lead us to go another country, for 4 months I came home with a new country to go, since my company wanted me to go there, there and there – his reaction – enter quickly google and see which neighborhoods would be better to live, and where we could find a swimming pool and yoga studio 🙂 heaven in earth – how could I imagine that I would find a husband that fits my job, my profile and my so male female style???

by the end it was proved that I was not flexible, I was open to move countries, I thought I was very flexible, but when it was to go to an interview in another company – no way… how in Earth can one even think to leave a company that has raised you and taught you for 17 years, not mentioning the opportunities and even more – the so promising future, all so easily clear…

…but my husband convinced me “just to check” how would be the interview, since the last months I had suffered a lot and enjoyed less and less the struggles within corporate politics and if this interview has arrived now, couldn’t it be a sign?????

signs, please do not talk about signs… very difficult not to follow signs…

Well – after sometime of interviews, doubts, certainties that I would never leave my company, I finally did….

…and the rest is history – what I have already shared – changing the company now, 2013, has lead my life to make a 180 degrees turn – and now I am facing the end of the year and I am going to end it completely different from how I started it, and even further away from how I would even dream – and not even if I would have all my dreams accomplished, this year would not be close to it!

Yeah – the life can surprise us – this year will end far beyond all my hugest dreams, and I will end this year happier that I would ever think!

lesson learned: just live your life, just bet all your life on changes, follow your heart and just live – life is too short, too sensible, too beautiful to loose time thinking in anything other than positive things!!!

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