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Hope, ethical dilemmas and learning – blessings only available in Venezuela

Again and again our reflexions make more sense after a while! Venezuela is a great place to learn!

Lara Bezerra

vnzla p toda la vida

As much as the situation of Venezuela worsens and the challenges increase, as much as the decisions get more difficult and more critical, and as much as I get questioned about the situation I am living in, and as much as I myself doubt my decisions, the more I thank the Universe for having brought me to Venezuela at this right moment…

Each day that ends and I even if I finish it crying, I get more convinced that my mother was right.

The real learning I will have depends on how I will face the greatest challenge and difficulties of my life…

Well, I was simply blessed with the biggest opportunity a person might have of becoming wise, very wise in one life-time…

I have taken the decision to change completely the perspective of my life…

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