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Are you doing what you love right now?? Work life balance or Simply Life Balance?

Are you doing what you love right now?? Work life balance or Simply Life Balance?

How many times do we really question ourselves and how many times our answer is: “Yesssssss!!!” without any hesitation, without having to look back, analyze check our last week and having to balance out the bad and say: “hmmm yes….”

I had seen this video sometime ago, more or less one year ago, and I had looked back, I had jumped some hours of some days, I have skiped parts of the days and then I have answered – I would not have anything better, so, I have to say that yes, I am doing I what I do like…

It was just now, exactly one day before the last day of work for 2013, on the 14th of December 2013, when I understood that “Yes, I am doing what I like, and I have to thank for what I have” is not enough…. :))))

The reason is that, exactly this day, working to my new company, having experienced change, challenge, being brave to start the start again, I saw this video, and by the middle I was jus repeating “yes, yes, yes, yes, I AM doing what I love, I do love what I am doing…” and a smile and some tears came slowly and my soul was blessed!

2013…. what a year, it did start one way and it did finish somehow different, odd and completely unexpected – and BLESSED!!! All the best which I could ever wish, indeed, what I would not even wish as it was so out of scope, did happen in 2013…

…and then, the vacations, the most difficult vacations, but the best ever, vacations which would made anybody cry by having to go back to work…

I will try to explain – the feeling a pregnant mother has after the maternity leave, the first work day, after being with the baby, and then leaving the baby alone, helpless, and the emptiness of being at work and the wish to be beside the baby…

The 7th of January of 2014 was this day for me…. For any reason (this things that happen and you tell – there is no coincidence), I open my computer and the same video here attached was there – and then, I watched it, again…

… and again, at the middle of the video, I was shouting . Yes, I do, yes, I do – I am doing what I love, I do what I love – I suddenly noticed that if I would not be in this company, with this so special team – this 7th of January would be my retirement day, I have NO doubt – but instead, I was so motivated, that I was so proud of what I am doing that I just wanted to work hard so I could be THE example for the new generation to come, our new generation, my husband and my generation…

Then all my thoughts and my perspective changed – looking at this video I understood the selfless feeling – when you are alone you question yourself – Are you doing what you love right now???

The last days, from the 15th till the 15th of January my question changed slightly:

“Are you doing what you love?” to “Are you doing what make you proud of yourself” “Are you doing what you want to give as example to your children” …or better “Are you doing what is your purpose in life???”

🙂 completely shinning soul – I could not choose anything better to do that would fit so perfectly to my purpose in life…

Then another insight – there is much more than Work life Balance….

🙂 Finding what you love and finding your purpose of life in your work is the right way to find your  LIFE BALANCE, and Work life balance is so incorrect, since this separates your life from your work!

Now I understand that I do love my life, because my work makes my whole life meaningful and makes me proud to share with my children each part of it!!!

…Finally I understand the stamp at my brother’s wall “Do what you love and you will never work – Charlie Chaplin” 

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