Lara Bezerra

Chief Purpose Officer

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Lara is a mother and a wife who had positions as President, Managing Director in different Multinationals in 7 countries and three continents for 27 years.

She was the first female to assume the Executive Presidency of a Bayer affiliate in Latin America, the first woman elected as chairperson of Cavenal, the German chamber of commerce in Venezuela.

She pioneered many positions as a female leader. But what she is prouder about is to be the first executive senior leader to have the title of Chief Purpose Officer because, for her, bringing Purpose to people's life is her mission.


She has a very peculiar leadership style, bringing all organizations that she led to the higher top ratings of engagement scores. She has delivered more than simple financial results; she transformed organizations because she believes in the people she worked with.


She always believed that:

  1. Trust in humans was more important than controlling them through numbers.

  2. You do not need to motivate the co-workers by setting SMART objectives, but you must help them find meaning and Purpose in their work to be intrinsically motivated.

  3. She should get her team's respect because they knew she believed in their exponential potential to grow and to make a difference and not because she had all answers. She knew that she could never achieve anything alone, and she knew how much difference an organization with Purpose could make in society.


Now she lives in Orlando with her husband and three children. Her dream is to help unleash more coherent leaders who care about this planet and other people to build a world where her children can have work as part of their lives. A world where they do not have to worry ever about work-life balance because they love and are proud of whatever they are doing.

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