Connecting Dots is the area where information can be useful for anyone going through a transformation, either personal or LEADERSHIP in an organization. But what do we mean by transformation?


There is a moment in our lives when we decide not to live passively, but to live intentionally, with a deep sense of awareness of the consequences as well as the impact of our actions.


Then the questions are:  Why am I here? Where do I impact? What is going on around the world?  Am I able to create a more positive impact by collaborating than by competing?  How can all this be possible through my work?

Here, we want to gather the information that comes from the result of a self-development journey until developing other leaders that lead integrally, intentionally and coherently foster an environment and organizations that inspire living and working for a good of society, of humankind and the planet where we live.

Everyone is welcome to bring experiences and information that can contribute with a collective evolution! All you have to do is follow the instructions in any space of this section!